Moksha Yoga Danforth

13 Nov

mokshaThe first stop on my path to finding the perfect yoga studio: Moksha Yoga Danforth. I’m a big fan of Moksha Yoga having regularly practiced at Moksha Dundas for about two years.


372A Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4K 1N8

Subway: Chester Station


The studio was much smaller than what I expected. I found that some of the classes were too full and there wasnโ€™t much room to stretch without getting into your neighbours space. The overcrowded classes also led to the studio feeling much hotter than the studio that I use to practice in.


Classes are offered from 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 6:15 PM Saturday and Sundays. A variety of different class types are offered each day. The studio is too far from where I live and work for me to practice in the morning before work. Due to this, on weekdays I could only practice after 5 PM. This usually gave me 3 classes each day to choose from.


Moksha Yoga: The traditional 40 posture series is offered in the 90 minute Moksha class. Condensed versions are offered in 60 and 75 minute classes. I tried the 90 minute class a few times and at first it was rigorous trying to get use to the heat once again. I found the teacher, Scott, to be very helpful and engaging. He moved around the class correcting peoples poses or helping them find a modification of the posture that would be more beneficial to them. This is a big thing for me. I always feel slightly cautious of how I do certain postures and to get feedback from the instructor is something I am looking for.

Moksha Flow: Links Moksha sequence with vinyasa flows. I love flow classes, unfortunately I did not get to try one given conflicting schedules.

Yin Yoga: Reduced heat class to induce relaxation and de-stress. I tried one yin class and it wasnโ€™t for me. I am someone who needs to keep moving (hence why I enjoy flow classes) and being still is a challenge. Ironic, I know.

Moksha/Yin: Mixes Moksha and Yin accompanied by music. I did not try this class.

Moksha Karma: 60 minute Moksha class offered on a minimum $8 donation.

Moksha Community: 60 minute Moksha class lead by a new teacher at a reduced rate ($8).


Yoga is not cheap and Moksha Danforth is no exception.

Introductory Package: $20 for 2 weeks unlimited yoga
Classic Membership: $100/month minimum 4 month commitment
Freedom Membership: $140/month minimum 4 month commitment (includes mat, towel, shower towel rental)
5 Class Card: $75
10 Class Card: $140
20 Class Card: $240
Single Class: $19
One Month Unlimited: $145
One Year Unlimited: $1240
Private Instruction: $100/hr


Despite the small, packed studio, I really enjoyed my practice at Moksha Danforth and will consider going back for Community and Karma classes in the future.



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