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12 Nov


Brunch in the village is sacred. In the summer I was introduced to Smith – the sister restaurant to Wish and 7 West Cafe. It is now my go-to brunch spot for those lazy Sunday afternoons.


The place is gorgeous! In the summer they have a nice little patio opened in the back that is great for enjoying the sunshine while sipping on a mimosa and gossiping with friends. Inside, I would describe the decor as eclectic, rustic, and chic.



I’m a breakfast person and the menu provides everything from belgium waffles to huevos rancheros to classic american breakfasts. More than anything I’m drawn to the menu itself – a full out newspaper! I usually go for an orange pekoe tea with honey, mimosa, and the Smith Breakfast – 2 poached eggs, peameal bacon, home fries, and challah.


How brilliant are these menus?

image-69 image-68 image-70


As much as I love this place, the service isn’t always the greatest. With the exception of my last visit, I have always ordered their delicious scones. Each time my order has been forgotten. However, they’ve always been kind enough to comp our scones.



Giving Thanks

14 Oct


In my family, Thanksgiving is a time to get together. This is not unlike our usual Sunday dinners, except for one key and pivotal detail: Nonna’s lasagna. No one makes lasagna like my Nonna and when we are served it for a Sunday dinner it is known that it is a special occasion. This is what distinguishes a holiday from our usual family meetups. If it wasn’t for lasagna how would we possibly know that it was Christmas? Easter? Carnevale?

Happy Thanksgiving folks!