Passport to Prana

16 Oct


This year I have been bad. I have forsaken my hot yoga practice. I moved to Toronto in the winter and told myself that I would begin my practice once again in the spring. However, the studios were far and I didn’t want to get sick from the drastic change from hot to cold. Spring arrived and I was too busy with school, I would start again in the summer. Summer came and it was too hot and too humid to subject myself to yoga in an 103 degree room.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Now that it is autumn, I have no excuses left. I have embarked on a mission in search of the perfect yoga studio in Toronto for me. My list consists of 15 yoga studios I will try out in the upcoming months to decide which one I will hold my regular practice in. Will I stick to the familiarity that is Moksha or branch out to Yoga Tree?

The Studios:

  1. Moksha Yoga Danforth
  2. Yoga Sanctuary College
  3. Yoga Tree Richmond & Spadina
  4. Bikram Yoga Centre & Wellness Clinic
  5. Tula West
  6. Moksha Yoga Downtown
  7. Kula Yoga
  8. The Yoga Lounge
  9. IAM Yoga
  10. Yoga Sanctuary Danforth
  11. Moksha Yoga Bloor West
  12. Breathe Yoga Studio
  13. Yoga Tree Yonge & Eglinton
  14. Moksha Yoga Uptown
  15. Iyashi Bedrock Spa


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