Lust List: November 2013 Edition

14 Nov

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 8.29.38 PM

There’s nothing I adore more than a red wool coat. Just add a classic jacquard dress, embellished ballet flats, and a mini bow bag, and you have the perfect ensemble that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

1. Vintage Red Coat
2. Shoshanna Dress
3. Forever New Flats
4. Forever New Bag


Moksha Yoga Danforth

13 Nov

mokshaThe first stop on my path to finding the perfect yoga studio: Moksha Yoga Danforth. I’m a big fan of Moksha Yoga having regularly practiced at Moksha Dundas for about two years.


372A Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4K 1N8

Subway: Chester Station


The studio was much smaller than what I expected. I found that some of the classes were too full and there wasn’t much room to stretch without getting into your neighbours space. The overcrowded classes also led to the studio feeling much hotter than the studio that I use to practice in.


Classes are offered from 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 6:15 PM Saturday and Sundays. A variety of different class types are offered each day. The studio is too far from where I live and work for me to practice in the morning before work. Due to this, on weekdays I could only practice after 5 PM. This usually gave me 3 classes each day to choose from.


Moksha Yoga: The traditional 40 posture series is offered in the 90 minute Moksha class. Condensed versions are offered in 60 and 75 minute classes. I tried the 90 minute class a few times and at first it was rigorous trying to get use to the heat once again. I found the teacher, Scott, to be very helpful and engaging. He moved around the class correcting peoples poses or helping them find a modification of the posture that would be more beneficial to them. This is a big thing for me. I always feel slightly cautious of how I do certain postures and to get feedback from the instructor is something I am looking for.

Moksha Flow: Links Moksha sequence with vinyasa flows. I love flow classes, unfortunately I did not get to try one given conflicting schedules.

Yin Yoga: Reduced heat class to induce relaxation and de-stress. I tried one yin class and it wasn’t for me. I am someone who needs to keep moving (hence why I enjoy flow classes) and being still is a challenge. Ironic, I know.

Moksha/Yin: Mixes Moksha and Yin accompanied by music. I did not try this class.

Moksha Karma: 60 minute Moksha class offered on a minimum $8 donation.

Moksha Community: 60 minute Moksha class lead by a new teacher at a reduced rate ($8).


Yoga is not cheap and Moksha Danforth is no exception.

Introductory Package: $20 for 2 weeks unlimited yoga
Classic Membership: $100/month minimum 4 month commitment
Freedom Membership: $140/month minimum 4 month commitment (includes mat, towel, shower towel rental)
5 Class Card: $75
10 Class Card: $140
20 Class Card: $240
Single Class: $19
One Month Unlimited: $145
One Year Unlimited: $1240
Private Instruction: $100/hr


Despite the small, packed studio, I really enjoyed my practice at Moksha Danforth and will consider going back for Community and Karma classes in the future.



12 Nov


Brunch in the village is sacred. In the summer I was introduced to Smith – the sister restaurant to Wish and 7 West Cafe. It is now my go-to brunch spot for those lazy Sunday afternoons.


The place is gorgeous! In the summer they have a nice little patio opened in the back that is great for enjoying the sunshine while sipping on a mimosa and gossiping with friends. Inside, I would describe the decor as eclectic, rustic, and chic.



I’m a breakfast person and the menu provides everything from belgium waffles to huevos rancheros to classic american breakfasts. More than anything I’m drawn to the menu itself – a full out newspaper! I usually go for an orange pekoe tea with honey, mimosa, and the Smith Breakfast – 2 poached eggs, peameal bacon, home fries, and challah.


How brilliant are these menus?

image-69 image-68 image-70


As much as I love this place, the service isn’t always the greatest. With the exception of my last visit, I have always ordered their delicious scones. Each time my order has been forgotten. However, they’ve always been kind enough to comp our scones.


Sample Source Unboxing

11 Nov


Last year I had a bit of an obsession with beauty boxes. I was subscribed to a few and ended up with a stockpile of  samples that are currently sitting underneath my bathroom sink unused. Yet, I cannot resist having a box delivered to my house. Beauty boxes were fairly expensive monthly subscriptions, so when I discovered companies like Sample Source which sends free sample boxes of household products I was sold.

I received two nearly identical boxes – one was sent to my house and the other to my parent’s house.

Box #1: 


Basmati Minute Rice, Breath Right Strips (2), Snuggle Exhilarations (Wild Orchid & Vanilla Kiss), Sunlight Oxi Action, Sunlight Triple Clean Packs (2), Finish Quantum (2), Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste, Icebreakers Frost, Tetley Cinnamon Spice Tea, Harvest Crunch Quinoa Granola Bar



I received 2 of each and gave them to my dad and brother.


Box 2:


Schick Hydro 5, Minute Maid Jasmine Rice, Tetley Green Tea

Overall, I am very happy with what I received and will most likely use almost everything. If you enjoy trying out new household products, I highly suggest signing up for Sample Source.


30 Oct
How I imagine Jordan Baker

How I imagine Jordan Baker

The Great Gatsby has long been one of my favourite books. Yes, I was that kid in high school who actually didn’t hate it. One thing that really stood out for me was the character of Jordan Baker. Jordan was the epitome of a flapper girl – independent, self-possessed, and liberated. She represented the social freedom and rebellion of the jazz age that gave rise to the new women.

Naturally, for a Halloween party at a friends on Saturday, I decided to pay homage to one of my favourite characters. I found this fringe dress at a vintage shop in LA that I absolutely adore. My string of pearls used to belong to my Nonna T and are slightly out of era from the 30s or 40s.

image-61 image-60 image-59

Bright Young Things

28 Oct

Venetian Mask, Phoebe Couture Dress, Kate Spade Bag, Circa John & David Luxe Heels

I love Halloween.

On Friday, I attended a Halloween party at the ROM with some friends I met at TIFF. Costumes were encouraged, which was perfect because I love dressing up. I bought my handcrafted Venetian mask in Venice last October and knew this would be an appropriate event to wear it to along with a white sequin dress. Admittedly, I was unsure what this masquerade inspired look was until someone asked me if I was Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby. A bit of an epiphany occurred and I decided I was a Gatsby-era bright young thing attending a masquerade ball! The ingenuity of strangers will never cease to amaze me.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

IMG_4498IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4507 IMG_4509 IMG_4528IMG_4540


It was perfect once…

26 Oct

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